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The Artist


The moment following the fatigue, mixture of satisfaction and nostalgia: the satisfaction for completing a business and the nostalgia for that profused energy that can give you a priceless state of grace.

The rest of the artist by Kirchner is yours too. Enjoy it.

The Artist Dual


It is dual because it can be modular in the use.

It can be considered a continuation of The Artist for larger family but can also be used as a double room, as it is totally independent.

Colorful Life


Fragments of daily turmoil narrated by brushstrokes, typical of the Expressionists. In Colorful Life, Kandinsky gives us the feeling of participation in the life of a community during a feast or rest.

Sharing the wellness of a moment and finding people who want to create precious and long desired times extend the beneficial effects in present time in our memory.



Being a single element with all around us allows us to live different life every time. However it is necessary that both the atmosphere and place are the right ones.

As Muller’s lovers who found their own refuge in the embrace, so you will love the time you will spend here at Albadamare.

La Sieste


Harmony and satisfaction. Lightness and joy. Paul Gauguin’s La Sieste reveals the main theme of every vacation: peace.

The deserved reward following any effort. Our aim is to create an ideal and unforgettable place for live this experience.



Summer is different from any other time of the year. Summer is a time that consists of hours that pass slowly and weeks that go by quickly in contrasting colours, and breezes of desire.

The light of the sun dramatises every form and every mood, as in Edward Hopper's "Summertime", in which a woman stands on the front steps of a house, awaiting her destiny. Our own "Summertime" room, with its breathtaking view, awaits you and your own time.

Characteristics: a double room with two single beds or a double bed. Sea views.

Morning Sun


The light of the morning enters the room and, like a lighthouse, illuminates the waking-up time of whoever has been sleeping there. The window opens out to the life outside which, meanwhile, has been flowing by as in a film. In Hopper's "Morning Sun" the girl may seem melancholy, but she is about to begin planning how to start her day.

Taking its name from the famous painting by Hopper, the generous inside and outside spaces of our Morning Sun suite ensure that for a long time you will retain very beautiful memories of your stay, and of your "guest of honour" who makes his appearance each morning through the windows, enveloped in a deep blue.

Characteristics: two large rooms: a double bedroom and a living area with a sofa. A private patio and a terrace, with views of the sea. Jacuzzi.

High Noon


"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." (Edward Hopper). We do not always find the right words to describe an emotion or a feeling. Your feeling of completeness is mixed with the energy of a perfect day; you want to find time to rest, but you don’t want to miss a single moment. You leave in a hurry, but you know you'll be happy to come back.

Standing on the threshold, between the inside and the outside. Like the woman in Edward Hopper's painting of the same name, you too may stand undecided on the threshold of our "High Noon" room, finding it difficult to decide whether you should go out or stay in.

Characteristics: a junior suite with a balcony and a large private terrace that looks out on a corner of paradise.

Rooms By The Sea


There could be no better way to describe one of our rooms than the title of this painting. Depending on your mood and the time of day, the horizon line that blurs the division between the sky and the sea will be the picture you will see as it changes before you.

"Rooms by the sea” is not merely a hotel room; it is an experience you will keep forever close to your heart.

Characteristics: : a deluxe double room with its own large private balcony overlooking the sea.



Suspended between the end of one day and the beginning of a new one, in their melancholic waiting Hopper's night owls suggest many things.

And it won’t be easy for you, either, to abandon yourself to Morpheus whilst the moon tries in every way to make you admire her from the window of our "Nighthawks" room, her reflection marking out a pathway for the sea creatures which, at dead of night, populate the dark blue depths of the waters below.

Characteristics: a junior suite with generous spaces, a private balcony, and a breathtaking view of the sea.