The Amalfi Coast is the best on the road itinerary in the world for electric vehicles

The Amalfi Coast is famous for the beauty of its landscape, characterized by wonderful rocky coves, villages suspended over the sea and views that literally leave you breathless. Everyone knows her and dreams of visiting her. But few know that today it reveals itself to the world with a green record on a global scale.

Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast by electric car is less complicated than you might think. This is what Compare The Market says, a well-known British portal specialized in comparing the prices of travel, stays and hotels, which has drawn up a ranking of the most electric-friendly streets according to travellers’ comments. Read the British study.

The portal examined the most suitable roadtrips for electric vehicles based on the availability of charging points. It first identified the most popular routes through various sources and then ranked them based on the number of Instagram posts with the dedicated hashtag. The survey revealed the total distance of each journey and the number of charging stations available along the route. Data that was compared with the autonomy of the Tesla Model 3, at the top of the best-selling electric cars in the world in 2021, to establish how many times it would be necessary to recharge the battery.

And based on this survey, the Amalfi Coast was found to be the best on the road itinerary in the world for electric vehicles. In fact, it has the most EV chargers per mile of any trip on the list, with 1.55 chargers per mile. The motorist, who starting from Vietri sul Mare wants to go as far as Sorrento, also touching the hilly areas of Ravello and Tramonti, has 99 charging points available along the route. To complete the 64km route requires 0.11 recharges.

On the Amalfi Coast, drivers of electric vehicles can travel peacefully. This is a significant record that adds further value to the destination.