5 things to see in Meta

At the end of the Sorrento peninsula, just over 20 kilometers from our boutique hotel, is Meta, a small seaside town overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Located 111 meters above sea level, it is divided into two very distinct parts: the upper part, called del Mulino, which revolves around Corso Italia; and the lower part, called del Casale, which branches off through picturesque alleys up to the beaches. Despite being small in size, it offers various tourist attractions, as well as enchanting views.

What to see in Meta? Here are 5 things not to miss!

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Lauro

At the entrance to the town, just outside the historic center, stands the Basilica of Santa Maria del Lauro, the main religious building in Meta. It was built in the place where a temple dedicated to Minerva once stood. According to legend, here around the 8th century a deaf-mute woman found a statue of the Madonna, surrounded by a golden hen with twelve chicks, and immediately regained her hearing and speech. After the discovery, the statue was moved several times but the next day it always reappeared where it had been found. This event thus led to the construction of a church dedicated to the Madonna del Lauro. The basilica, whose current appearance dates back to the 18th century, has been declared a monumental building. Inside there are various works of art.

The Church of the Santissima Annunziata

If we talk about what to see in Meta we cannot fail to mention the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, also known by the name “of Santa Lucia“. It is a small chapel built in perfectly squared tuff stones in the second half of the 17th century by the Cafiero family. Sacramented since 1771, it has a bell tower with an old clock. In the church there are many votive offerings and a statue of Saint Lucia, to whom a small celebration complete with fireworks is dedicated in December.

The Chapel of Santa Maria Assunta

Another religious building not to be missed is the Chapel of Santa Maria Assunta, known as the “Trivio” because it stands at the intersection of three roads. The exact date of construction is not known. We know for certain that in 1877 it was at least two centuries old. The small church has a façade characterized by a stone portal between two pilasters with capitals and surmounted by a lobed window. A splendid wooden statue of the Assumption dominates the main altar.

Alimuri beach

Meta beach is one of the largest on the Sorrento Peninsula as well as the only one on this stretch to have convenient access to the sea. It is divided into two: Meta Mare and Marina di Alimuri. The latter is a small beach made up mainly of gravel and flat rocks. The sea, characterized by an intense emerald green, is truly enchanting. Alimuri was once known for the activity of master carpenters, who built small and fast brigantines. In the area there are several restaurants offering delicious fish-based dishes.


A stone’s throw from the centre, in the saddle between Mount Sant’Angelo and the Camaldoli plain, is Alberi, a small and industrious hamlet of Meta which has around 300 inhabitants. It rises 284 meters above sea level and is the ideal destination for those who love hiking and sports. In fact, various historical-naturalistic itineraries branch off from Alberi and can be explored on foot or by mountain bike. Worth visiting is the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.