The Grand Carnival of Maiori 2023

Scheduled for February 19-26, 2023, is the 49th edition of the Grand Carnival of Maiori, the largest carnival event on the Amalfi Coast, which traces the history and memories of numerous generations. Every year, during these festive days, the streets of the town are transformed into colorful rainbows amid masks, streamers and confetti.

The highlight of the festivities is definitely the parade of floats. Someone called them the “papier-mâché giants,” and indeed they are: the skill of the master papier-mâché artists, who with flair and imagination keep the tradition alive, gives birth to true works of art with majestic scenic impact. The soul, heart and strength of the Gran Carnevale Maiorese are in the hands and wisdom of the master carristi and their many troupes. As stated on the event’s official website, “From diamonds nothing is born… from iron and paper mache come the colors of the Grand Carnival of Maiori.” The floats are accompanied by their dance groups, composed not only of individual enthusiasts but entire families and groups of friends, from the entire Amalfi Coast. Because without the floats it is not Carnival, but without the music and dancing there is no fun!

Each year the event is dedicated a particular theme around which to revolve ideas, sketches and drafts. The theme for the 2023 edition is “Safeguarding the Planet and the Sea…UNESCO celebrations for the Decade of the Sea!” There will be five floats parading, created on the theme of environmental advocacy: “Neptune Can Be Saved,” a tribute to nature and the sea; “Neverland,” dedicated to the preservation of the Planet and its protected animal species; “The master trash, star chef in gourmet trash,” which aims to stir consciences by symbolically starting with an element that unites us all, food; “A Future to Save,” which deals with climate change; and “Don’t Marvel Alice,” which represents humans and their relationship with the planet through the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Wear your best smile at Carnival and come to the Amalfi Coast!

Featured Photo © Gran Carnevale di Maiori