The most romantic places on the Amalfi Coast

Are you an incurable romantic? Then the Amalfi Coast is the right destination for you! She seduces lovers with her poetry and her undeniable beauty and knows how to be magical in every corner. There are so many places to spend pleasant moments in the company of your sweetheart, perfect for a passionate kiss or to whisper words of love to each other.

What are the most romantic places on the Amalfi Coast? We have chosen 6 places that in our opinion best embody this feeling.

The Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone

One of the most romantic places on the coast is undoubtedly the suggestive Terrazza dell’Infinito at Villa Cimbrone, in the municipality of Ravello. It is an enchanting natural balcony suspended about 400 meters above sea level, from which it is possible to observe one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. The famous American writer Gore Vidal once said: “I was asked by an American magazine what was the most beautiful place I had ever seen in all my travels, and I replied: the panorama of the Villa Cimbrone belvedere in a bright winter day, when the sky and the sea are so vividly blue that it is not possible to distinguish one from the other“.

The Capo d’Orso Promontory

Photo © Maiori News

Another very beautiful panoramic point is the Capo d’Orso Natural Park with the promontory of the same name, whose name is due to its characteristic shape which recalls the head of a bear. From its ravines it is possible to admire a broad view of the surrounding landscape, which literally leaves you speechless. For those who want to share moments of romantic solitude with their partner and enjoy its wild beauty, numerous paths wind through the park. There are also several cavities located along the slopes, among which the Porta di Monte Piano cave is worth mentioning.

The Walk of Love in Furore

Photo © ècampania

There is nothing more romantic than a pleasant walk hand in hand along the Passeggiata dell’Amore located in the picturesque village of Furore. The route is short but intense. It starts from the street in front of the Church of Sant’Elia Profeta in the Cicala district and proceeds under a pergola of wisteria and roses up to the Piazzetta Afrodite, on which the Fountain of the seven spouts stands out, each of whose taps are named after an archetype of love . And if you lack the words to express your feelings, along the walk there are a large number of majolica with phrases full of feeling and passion taken from novels, poems and songs.

The Lovers’ Arch in Vettica

Photo © Touring Club Italiano

In Vettica Minore, a hamlet of Amalfi, there is the beautiful beach of Santa Croce, a small inlet completely immersed in nature, so called because in a ravine there are the remains of the ancient Church of Santa Croce. In addition to the clear, crystalline sea with an emerald colour, the beach is famous for the presence of a magnificent natural arch of limestone rock, which in popular language is called the Lovers’ Arch. Tradition dictates that couples, passing under its vault, exchange a kiss as a token of love. There are many lovers who go here to swear eternal love.

The Lovers’ Beach in Cetara

Photo © Cetara turistica

When we talk about the most romantic places on the Amalfi Coast, we cannot fail to mention the Innamorati beach in Cetara, an ancient fishing village nestled between the sea and the mountains. The small cove, which is located immediately after the Collata beach coming from the town, is a real corner of paradise that can only be reached by sea. Just 6 meters long, it can accommodate a limited number of people (no more than 3 or 4 couples at low tide). Surrounded by rocks overlooking the sea, it is made up of small pebbles and obviously bathed by crystal clear waters.

Cala della Gavitella in Praiano

Photo © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Finally, if you also think that there is nothing more romantic than witnessing a sunset over the sea, you cannot miss Cala della Gavitella in Praiano for any reason in the world, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Thanks to its privileged position, facing west, it is the only beach on the Amalfi Coast kissed by the sun from dawn until dusk. To reach it you have to go up a panoramic staircase with more than 400 steps but once you arrive you won’t regret it. Near the cove there is also the fascinating natural swimming pool of the Fontana dell’Altare and the small Praie beach.