Village festivals on the Amalfi Coast

Throughout the year, the municipalities of the Amalfi Coast host a large number of village festivals that offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and folklore. Some are famous and very popular, others small but equally pleasant. Let’s find out together which ones are not to be missed!

In Atrani, a small fishing town, the traditional blue fish festival is scheduled for August. For the occasion, the people of Atrano decorate the streets of the town with lights, boats and fishing nets, creating an indescribable atmosphere. The festival is a truly widespread event that develops on different levels, including shows, concerts, traveling theatre, performances by street artists and visits to historical places. Obviously there is no shortage of food stands, where it is possible to taste dishes based on blue fish and more.

Also in August the Santa Rosa Sfogliatella Festival is held in Conca dei Marini. Everyone knows her but few know that she was not born in Naples but on the Amalfi Coast. It was in fact invented in the 17th century in the convent of the same name in Conca dei Marini and, while in Naples it was transformed into the recipe for the riccia Sfogliatella, in Salerno and in the coastal areas it was perfected on the basis of the traditional recipe. During the event, in addition to attending music and theater shows, you can taste the famous dessert in all its possible versions, from traditional to more original ones.

The ancient seaside village of Positano has hosted the Zeppola Festival for over forty years in the last week of December. The highlight of the festival is the Zeppola d’Oro food and wine competition, in which everyone can participate. A jury awards various prizes, three for the best potato zeppole, three for the best grown pasta zeppole and a special prize for the dish decorated in the most bizarre way. The festival lasts several days and, in addition to eating, you dance, listen to music and have fun.

In the small town of Maiori, various festivals are held, among which we highlight: the Sagra del Casale organized in September in the historic centre, which consists of tasting typical products; the Fagiolata in August in the charming village of Santa Maria delle Grazie; and always in August the chocolate aubergine festival, a dessert deeply rooted in tradition and local gastronomic culture.

Another festival not to be missed is the pizza festival which is held on 8 and 9 August in the small village of Tramonti. Few people know that, in addition to the classic Neapolitan pizza, one of its most popular variations comes from Tramonti. It differs from the Neapolitan one due to the dough, which involves the use of wholemeal flour with the addition of wild fennel, and for a more prolonged cooking at a temperature of around 300-350 degrees. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages but it was after the Second World War that it experienced its golden years, when many left the country to seek their fortune as pizza chefs in Northern Italy and abroad.

In Cetara a very important event is the Anchovy Colatura Festival, which takes place every year in the first half of December, coinciding with the tapping of the new colatura. For those who don’t know what it was, anchovy sauce is a sauce with a very intense flavor that is obtained from the fermentation of salted anchovies. During the event there will be tastings of typical local products in the main squares of the town while the restaurants prepare special menus based on anchovy sauce.

Finally, in Scala in the last weekends of October the Chestnut Festival is organised, one of the most eagerly awaited autumn events on the coast, organized to celebrate the prized Verole grown among the chestnut groves of the Lattari Mountains. In addition to the usual tastings of chestnut-based dishes (such as chestnut butter and sage gnocchi or chestnut meatloaf), there will also be moments of leisure, reflection and traditional events.