What to buy on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a true shopper’s paradise. You will realise this as you wander around its streets dotted with shops and artisan workshops selling typical local products. You will hardly be able to resist the temptation to buy something to take home.

Among the countless craft traditions that the Amalfi Coast boasts, one of the most famous is undoubtedly ceramic work, the home of which is the town of Vietri sul Mare. In fact, walking along the streets of the main street, one can admire a large number of workshops and laboratories where this art is perpetuated with love and passion. It is an activity that has its roots in the Middle Ages: as early as the 15th century, there are historical records of ‘maiolicari’ and their kilns. Vietri’s colourful ceramics come in a thousand forms, from vases to cups, from plates to tiles. Their characteristic feature is that they are all handmade, which makes them unique pieces.

If you are looking for something truly unique, Amalfi is also famous for its production of handmade paper. Also known as Charta Bambagina, it is not made from cellulose but from the processing of fabrics such as linen, cotton and hemp. Amalfi’s relationship with paper dates back to the 12th century, when the first paper mills were built to supply the republic’s bureaucrats. Although less than in the past, Amalfi’s precious paper is still produced according to the ancient tradition. And it is frequently used for wedding invitations, for artistic purposes, for texts and luxury publications. The Vatican State uses it for its correspondence.

Photo © ècampania

Fashionistas, on the other hand, should definitely go to Positano, a favourite place for fashion victims. In addition to its beaches and dreamlike views, Positano is world-famous for its ‘Positano beachwear‘, an iconic style born around the 1950s in local tailors’ shops and still in vogue today. It is unmistakable for its vibrant colours, light fabrics, elegance and delicate embroidery. The streets of Positano are full of boutiques selling brightly coloured silk and linen dresses, swimming costumes studded with turquoise or coral, and handmade leather sandals that stand out for their fine quality and creative style.

Finally, those who prefer food to classic handmade souvenirs and clothing are spoilt for choice. One of the most characteristic products the area has to offer is the Costa d’Amalfi IGP lemon, also known as sfusato amalfitano, which owes its fame above all to limoncello, the liqueur obtained by macerating lemon rinds in alcohol. But its use is not limited to the production of the famous liqueur, it also extends to the confectionery sector, where it is found in the form of cakes, puddings, biscuits and jams. Other excellent products of the Amalfi Coast include: ndunderi, a kind of fresh semolina and ricotta dumplings typical of Minori; colatura di alici di Cetara (Anchovy Sauce), a very tasty sauce obtained from salted anchovies; and Costa d’Amalfi DOC wine.