What to do on the Amalfi Coast according to foreigners

The Amalfi Coast is one of the favorite Italian destinations for foreign tourists for their holidays. Thanks to a landscape that never ceases to amaze and enchant with its beauty, as well as an immense historical and cultural heritage. But what do foreign tourists like to do on the coast? Let’s find out together!

Admire the sunset at Cala della Gavitella

Photo © FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano

In Praiano, a short distance from our boutique hotel, there is Cala della Gavitella, a small corner of paradise nestled between the cliffs. Thanks to its happy exposure to the west with a view of Positano, Capri and the Li Galli archipelago, the beach is perpetually kissed by the sun and is the only place on the Amalfi Coast where the sunset plunges directly into the sea creating a spectacle that leaves literally speechless. To reach it you have to face a panoramic staircase of around 400 steps but it’s really worth it. Near the cove there is also the Fontana dell’Altare, a fascinating natural pool created in the cavern of a cave.

Relax on the beach of the Fiordo di Furore

Located a few kilometers from our boutique hotel, the Fiordo di Furore is a gigantic crack in the rock on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains. At the sea limit there is an enchanting white pebble beach, just 25 meters long. Here and there, scattered along the shoreline or leaning against small houses, small fishing boats and nets hung out to dry in the sun make a fine display. It is one of the most fascinating places on the entire Amalfi Coast and attracts visitors from all over the world. According to an ancient legend, it was the devil who created it but in truth the deep fissure was dug over the millennia by the Schiato torrent.

Walk the Path of the Gods

The Amalfi Coast is full of mule tracks and paths, more or less long and more or less frequented, which reveal environments of extraordinary beauty. Among these, one of the most beautiful and famous is the Path of the Gods, an itinerary that embraces the cliff overlooking the sea, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and with breathtaking views of the coast. About 8 kilometers long, it starts from Agerola, more precisely from the Bomerano hamlet, or from Praiano and ends in Nocelle, a small hamlet of Positano. Not only is it spectacular but it is also one of the few hiking itineraries on the coast that does not require you to tackle a large number of steps.

Visit the Amalfi Cathedral

The Amalfi Cathedral, or Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (named after the patron saint of the city to whom it is dedicated), is one of the most extraordinary masterpieces of the Italian artistic and religious heritage as well as one of the symbolic monuments of the Amalfi Coast. Located in the heart of the square of the same name, it is actually made up of two once distinct buildings. The cathedral was built starting from the 10th century next to the Basilica of the Crucifix, built in the 9th century on the remains of an early Christian temple. It has a colorful and sumptuous neo-Moorish style façade while inside it houses valuable works of art. On the left of the portico is the thirteenth-century Cloister of Paradise, which represents one of the main examples of Amalfi Romanesque.

Exploring Positano

Located a quarter of an hour from Praiano, Positano is one of the most fascinating places not only on the coast but in all of Italy. “It’s a dream place that doesn’t seem real to you while you’re there but whose profound reality you feel with nostalgia when you’ve left it“: this is how the American writer John Steinbeck described it in 1953 in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. And it’s still like that. The element that most strikes those who arrive in Positano is the vision of its pastel-colored houses, stacked on top of each other and clinging to the hill. Among the things to see are: the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, renowned for its spectacular majolica dome; the Roman Archaeological Museum, which mainly highlights the rooms of a large Roman villa; and the Marina Grande beach, among the most beautiful in Italy.

Buying ceramics in Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is a delightful town famous throughout the world for its ceramic manufacturing. It is an ancient artisan tradition which, according to some researchers, began as early as the 5th century BC, in the Etruscan period. But the real first diffusion occurred during the Middle Ages: already in the 15th century there was historical information on the “majolica makers” and their kilns. Walking through the streets of the town you come across a large number of shops and laboratories where this art is perpetuated with love and passion. Among these, the Solimene Artistic Ceramics Factory stands out, offering a whole series of high-profile services (such as architectural design, customized production of product lines, creation of limited series of objects, etc.).

Enjoy the pleasures of the table

Photo © La Bacheca Praiano

The Amalfi Coast is not only beautiful to look at but also good “to eat”. It is practically impossible to resist the lure of its delicious delicacies. There are countless excellent products that the area offers: the Amalfi Coast lemon, the Cetara anchovy sauce, the handmade pasta of Minori, the Amalfi Coast wines and many others. Among the typical dishes, the Amalfi-style scialatielli, the ndunderi with meat sauce, Praianese-style squid and grilled fresh fish stand out. Instead, as regards desserts, the lemon delight, the pasticciotto and the Sfogliatella Santa Rosa are worth mentioning.